Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit  organization.

Our mission is to train men of integrity to serve as mentors who then shape, nurture, and empower young males to become contributing members of society and future leaders in their communities.

To achieve our mission, we will guide males between the ages of 10 and 15 who are being raised by a single parent or their grandparent(s) into mentoring relationships that will focus on education, decision making, conflict resolution, respect for self and others, and service to the community. We will also partner with parents, schools, churches, law enforcement agencies and other community groups in efforts to preserve our boys from at-risk behaviors.  Put simply, the Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy serves young males by encouraging them to choose alternative methods to at-risk behaviors. 

Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy will provide but not limited to:

  1. Loving and Caring Environment
  2. Uniforms
  3. Field Trips
  4. Tutoring and Homework Weekends
  5. Community Service Projects
  6. Parent Conferences
  7. Meet with boys two Saturdays a month
  8. Home and School Visits
  9. Evaluations/Progression in program
  10. Team building skills
  11. Critical Thinking and Life Skills
  12. College, Career and Military Options
  13. Gang, Bullying and Substance Abuse Prevention Classes
  14. Personal Hygiene Classes
  15. Communication and Conflict Resolution

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Testimonial Image

I have two sons, ages 17 and 10 years old. Loving them is unconditional. Earlier this year I was having very similar problems with my 10 year old son. I was at a lost. I truly believe that God led me to Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy in Durham, NC. Since my son has been a part of TMLA I have noticed a tremendous change in his behavior. He says to me that the other boys in the program are his brothers. There is always room for another brother. 

I am beyond impressed with the work the Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy is doing with our boys aka cadets. I used the word, "our", intentionally because it truly "takes a village to raise our children". I am glad I was invited to be a part of a village that is unequivocally making a positive difference in the lives of Black boys in "our" community. SHINE on.....
Randy Rogers
Durham County Health Department

Great program and proud to be part of it. Keep up the good work.
Larry Campbell

These are a group of fortunate young men to have the opportunity to have been introduced to TMLA! I am so excited and grateful for the experiences my son has to look forward to with TMLA.

I hope all is well. I am soooooo proud of my son, and I think you will be too. 1st quarter progress reports came home today and I am happy to report 3 B’s and 2 A’s!!!!! In addition, his teacher wrote about the HUGE improvement she sees in him this year. Thank you (TMLA) so much for all that you all do in helping me keep my son on a path of success.



The 2013 National Mentoring Summit brought together more than 650 attendees from youth-serving organizations, along with government, civic, research, philanthropic and corporate sectors to share innovative program models, examine new research, project future developments in the field and fundamentally ensure that more youth receive quality mentoring throughout America.

The theme for the 2013 Summit is "Mentoring Works: Inspire. Achieve. Advocate." Bank of America, Ernst & Young, Viacom, BNY Mellon, Mustang Leadership Partners, LLC and State Street are among the corporate sponsors of this event.

Mentors from the Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy attended the Third annual National Mentoring Summit on January 24th and 25th in Washington DC. They along with hundreds of other mentoring organizations attended several very resourceful ninety-minute workshops highlighting: My Brother’s Keeper, Black Men in Mentoring,
The Brotherhood Eradicating the Prison Pipeline through Lifelong Learning Strategies, Mentoring Youth Living in At-Risk Settings: Tools for Mentors and Staff, Faith-Based Mentoring Strategies for Effective Youth Outreach Development, Hope for America’s Dropout Crisis: What Role Can Mentoring Play? And many, many more!

The Summit also provides the culminating moment for the 12th anniversary of National Mentoring Month, which is the national media campaign to raise awareness about mentoring produced by the Harvard School of Public Health, MENTOR and CNCS. Thousands of programs in all 50 states participate in National Mentoring Month events, which is also recognized locally by many public officials and promoted by media and the private sector. 
This is the third year our mentors have attended the National Mentoring Summit. Our mentors learned a lot and were encouraged to return to Durham and continue to play a major role in saving our youth from at-risk behaviors.